Claim Verfication

PBM Cash Management Services

ClaimPay implements rigid PBM Cash Management processes to provide you with the security and financial controls necessary to manage your business, providing the following services:

  • Utilize strategically located and nationally recognized regional wholesale lockbox service processing hubs.
  • Provide detailed and summary level reporting for all “Funds Transferred Reports” into your designated accounts including check number, vendor/payer name, check amount and date of export, on a daily basis. Detailed pharmacy remittance reports are included.
  • Provide monthly summary “PSAO Payment Report” for all monies transferred to the pharmacy.
  • Provide Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment services, directly depositing contract payments into your designated bank account.
  • Track, monitor, and archive all funds received from the insurance plans, PBM’s and/or other third party contracts, being managed under our NCPDP affiliation code.