Pharmacy Billing

It’s pretty simple really, our vision is to develop innovative products that help people.


To be the premier provider of managed services to medical practitioners across the country.

Prescription Billing and Adjudication

Do you get denied claims, underpayments, missed deadlines and inaccurate coding? Do you feel this happens to you? Do you often see that you don’t have the time and expertise to manage appeals and other billing issues? We do.

Claimpay combines smart technology with healthcare billing expertise to seamlessly manage your practice’s entire revenue process – from eligibility checking, to over 20 million claim edits achieving 98% clean claim rates, to appealing denied claims, to money in your bank account!

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Claimpay services revenue cycle

Medical Billing Auditing

Our comprehensive billing and collections software not only handles typical insurance and patient types of billing and collections, but also helps practices manage the new and expanded coding requirements, accommodates newer payment models such as bundled payments, and includes unique features for federally qualified health centers (FQHC) guidelines, sliding fee schedules, uniform data system (UDS) reporting and tracking, as well as billing tools for behavioral health services.

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Claimpay services medical billing

Claim Verfication

Do you find yourself wondering where your money is each month? Do you ask yourself why certain claims weren’t paid? With Claimpays level of expertise, we can answer those for you by our approach to claim verification. Each claim is reviewed and we ensure the data is correct BEFORE we submit the bill. Most companies don’ t do that. Most get denials back due to the wrong information being submitted and some of those don’t even attempt and appeal, they just accept the denial. In those cases, you lose money. In our company, we lose money too.

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Claimpay services claim verification

Business Analytics

Do you find yourself wondering where your claims are? Have you ever felt you were short in your collections and there was no data to support your check? At Claimpay, we work in total transparency. You will see what we see. Our Business Analytics is second to none in the country and we pride ourselves in our reports.

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