Revenue Cycle Management

Improve your financial performance to boost your bottom line.


Recovery of unpaid balances and claims is one of the most challenging tasks for a healthcare provider. At Medical Practice Management, we consider collections an integral part of your practice’s success, and our collections team will work diligently to locate and recover missed revenue from insurance companies. We follow up on denials and lagging payers to keep insurance payment records up to date.

Medical Practice Management provides end-to-end collection management solutions. From managing charge entries and accounts receivable to modifying claims, posting payments and working audit trails, we coordinate with insurance providers and handle every process involved in getting the provider’s claims paid at the highest allowable rate.

Our collections process is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Identification and resolution of outstanding bills
  • Insurance denials research and refilling
  • Utilizing various resources to research missing or inaccurate insurance information
  • Contacting insurance carriers to obtain patient information
  • Completing insurance or medical claim forms
  • Resubmission of corrected claims


Medical Practice Management can create a fully electronic billing and payment experience for your patients. You can easily customize your patient statements in a variety of ways, specifying the contact information and office hours of your practice, displaying the accepted methods of payment, and creating custom messages that appear on different types of patient statements.

Our advanced medical billing software enables your patients to make quick, secure online payments. We can create a portal that allows your practice to accept debit and credit card payments and deposits them directly to your bank account.

Our electronic billing solutions allow you to:

  • Fully customize patient statements
  • Reduce paper, printing, and postage costs
  • Automate your entire billing process
  • Process payments quickly