Practice Management

Take care of your patients while we tackle your finances, staffing, and technology challenges.


We take the burden of complicated payroll tasks off your shoulders

Medical Practice Management understands that handling the payroll of medical professionals can be a complicated, time-consuming task. Our suite of software solutions is specifically designed to streamline your payroll processes while saving time and increasing staff productivity. We’ll handle all the paperwork so you can finally focus on providing quality care.

Our powerful payroll applications allow you to access your payroll data from anywhere. You can view your payroll calendar and pay dates, check payroll setup, review status, and access payroll reports — from any device.

Our payroll solutions are customized to suit your practice’s needs:

  • Flexibility – Process your payroll from anywhere, anytime, thanks to our robust cloud-based application.
  • Multiple paycheck options – Choose from direct deposits, pay cards or paper checks.
  • Employee self-service – Your staff can easily access their payroll records online, saving you time and money.
  • Detailed reports – Concise, easy-to-understand payroll reports are available.

Bring the most qualified medical professionals on board

Are you looking for direct placement or per diem healthcare staffing services? Do you need to fill an immediate opening, or require full-time assistance managing all or part of your recruitment process? Whatever the situation, Medical Practice Management offers a broad spectrum of staffing services to help you acquire the talent needed to deliver outstanding patient care.

Our healthcare recruiters, combined with our access to a large pool of candidates with specialized skills and experience, ensure that we locate, screen, and place only the most qualified employees. But we don’t stop there. We also keep in touch with you to ensure your new hires are meeting your expectations.

Benefits of our staffing services include:

  • Expertise – We understand the healthcare industry and know the qualities that make a good candidate.
  • Specialized talent – No matter the vacancy you’re trying to fill, we can find the right person for the job.
  • Extensive research – Our procedure is more than a screening — it’s a multi-layered process that helps you select the ideal candidate to fulfill your needs.


Fully managed technology solutions to complement your IT team

As a healthcare provider, you have a growing list of IT challenges, limited resources, and patients with increasing expectations. The ever-increasing demands on your IT staff may leave them overwhelmed and stretched too thin, if you even have an in-house IT solution. Medical Practice Management can take care of your entire technology infrastructure and provide the IT support your staff and patients need.

When you partner with us, we become an extension of your IT department, working all day, every day, to ensure your computers and network systems run smoothly. Our experts will proactively monitor and address technical issues that cause frustrations and inefficiencies that can impact your ability to deliver quality patient care.

Complete managed IT services for healthcare providers:

  • Proactive system monitoring and maintenance
  • Anti-malware installation and updates
  • Cloud storage
  • Data backup solutions
  • IT advisory services
  • 24/7 help desk support


Easily store, organize, and maintain patient records

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an invaluable clinical tool that allows your healthcare practice to improve patient care by having access to the most recent and accurate medical data within seconds.

Modern healthcare organizations are opting for EMR to digitize their paper-based medical records and store them in the cloud, allowing for remote access and greater workflow efficiency. If you’re storing paper documents in overflowing file cabinets, it’s time to make the switch to Medical Practice Management’s EMR solutions. We offer comprehensive planning and ongoing training and support to ensure your EMR implementation will be successful.

EMR solutions from Medical Practice Management allow you to:

  • Quickly access patient information from any internet-enabled device
  • Easily locate and track patient history
  • Identify patients who are due for visits and screenings
  • Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings
  • Improve overall quality of care